Ballast Tanks

Ballast Tanks

Looking for a bigger wake? Obviously we would suggest you part exchange your boat for a shiny new Centurion Ri but if your budget doesn't stretch that far, dig around the back of the sofa and get yourselves some Fat Sac ballast!

Why Pro X Series Fat Sacs™ ?

  • They will conform to the compartment or space they are going in 
  • They are constructed with a white water rafting material called Valmex, making them unbelievably durable
  • The Quick Connect Valve system makes filling and draining an easy task. The placement of valve holes make it possible to create the perfect automatic integrated ballast system by purchasing just the right fittings.
  • All Pro X Series Fat Sac™ are available in assorted colors (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and Grey) so you can customise the look of your system to match your boat - or your boardies!
  • The Tsunami Pump is *twice as fast* as any other plastic pump that is used for manually filling and emptying Fat Sacs™ so you're ready to ride oir wakesurf in no time. When finished,  the Tsunami Pump will empty the Fat Sac™ in minutes.

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