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Finding the right board

Our quick guide to picking the right board for you

Hammerhead Ltd edition

Premium skim board - top seller. Square nose and tail makes this the board for revert riding! 2017 Limited edition version.


Premium skim board - top seller. Square nose and tail makes this the board for revert riding!




A staple of the Phase 5 Premium skim line-up - a great carbon fibre board for beginners to advanced riders in 57", 54", 51" & 48" lengths.

Diamond CL

The same shape as the Diamond, the Performance skim CL caters for all rider levels at a lower cost than the Diamond

Diamond Luv

High end, Premium skim board for smaller riders - popular with female riders and good for beginners to advanced.




Unique resin art so no 2 boards are identical! The Premium skim board for perfecting your spins!


Light, high performance premium skim board - highly responsive for tricks

Model X

A Phase 5 best seller - stable fast & available in 2 sizes. Carbon Fibre. Premium skim/surf hybrid board for larger riders.




Based on the Model X, a big Performance skim board for big riders on a smaller budget!


Great, versatile Premium board for riders weighing 190-250lbs.Carbon fibre. Skim/surf style.


Designed specifically for the junior surfers in the family to learn and progress - Performance range




The Superfish's little brother - ideal for smaller riders up to 140lbs and 5'6" to learn and progress . Performance range

Super Fish

Fast, fun and forgiving twin fin Performance skim board - ideal for the whole family - beginners to intermediate


One of Phase Five's best selling Performance models - ideal for improvers




Ideal for beginners, larger riders and clubs - a Performance board nearly everyone can ride.


A unique hybrid board with surf and skim fin set ups for the best of both worlds!

Aku Surf

SALE Now discontinued but we have 1 ex-demo board for sale at a knock down price!



Wire Surf

Stable Surf style board for progressing riders with wide nose for revert and easy acceleration


New for 2017. Surf style, quad fin board - new design in the latest technology


Twin fin surf style board for nimble fast surfing in a range of board sizes



Rio Surf

Great all-round cruising surf board able to cater for a wide range of riders

Rio X Surf

High tech version of the Rio

Swell Surf

Designed by top Phase 5 rider, Stacia Bank, a quad fin surf style board that can take you to pro level



Ahi Surf

A hybrid of the Wire and former Aku, this quad-fin surf style board delivers performance for a range of surfers

Kong Surf

Surf style board and the largest in the range. Ideal for the longboard surfer, big guy or heavier beginner

Phase 5 Board bag

Keep your surfboard safe in this branded surf board bag



Phase 5 deluxe board bag

Fit 2 boards into the deluxe board bag for easy travel

Surf rope

Phase 5 surf rope with soft grip

Surf sock

Protect your board with the simple, effective board sock




Wakesurf Boards from Progression Boats

We are the UK importers for Phase Five wakesurf boards. Over the years Phase 5 have been one of the most dominant in the world wake surfing championships, pushing innovation in design and performance in this growing sport.


About Phase Five

The essence of Phase Five Wakesurf Boards was founded over 25 years ago, with their sister company Zap Skimboards. Ever since Phase Five began building boards, people have been riding their skimboards behind boats.

Phase Five have taken the technology of building skimboards, listened to wakesurfers' desires, then perfected a finned board that would allow anyone to ride freely behind a wake boat. And with over 25 years of designing boards made to ride smoothly on waves from knee high to overhead, Phase Five have the best range of wakesurf boards on the market today. These boards are all handmade in America and are made to perform.

What we love about Phase 5 boards is quality, performance and range. Whether your skim style, surf style or not really sure, whether beginner or pro, teeny tiny child or big guy or gal, then there's a board to suit you - and we love figuring out the right board to take your riding to the next level.


Why ride phase Five?


All Phase Five's boards are handmade in Venice, Florida, USA. Phase Five take a lot of pride in the fact that every board they make passes through the hands of some of the most skilled and meticulous people in the industry. Every stage of the build process is done to meet an extremely high standard. If a board isn't perfect, it doesn't leave the factory.

Designed & built by riders

Phase Five is a rider owned and operated company. The same guys that are out on the water competing and riding are also the ones who are shaping, designing and building our boards.

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